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Become a part of Asian American Association (AAA)! Enjoy exclusive benefits and products offered by our partners through our free membership. Asian American Association partners with select companies to ensure you receive what you need at great discounted rates. We strongly believe in providing continual support to our Asian American community.

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AAA Featured Member Benefits
Asian American Aaassociation Telecom Services (AAATS)
  AAA members can take advantage of
FREE Wireless Activation
(a $35 savings) plus
No Contract
with a mobile plan purchase through AAATS. Don't miss out on AAATS's great service and affordable rates!

For additional information or questions, click here or call 1-800-295-7810.
XOOM Energy

Our new partner, XOOM Energy, offers affordable natural gas and electricity for your home and business with reliable service at competitive prices you want up to 10% savings in some markets! There is no hassle or disruption in transferring your energy service. XOOM Energy supplies your energy through your current utility company the same way it does now!

Enroll at or call toll free 1-855-756-XOOM (9666) for additional information.
Liberty Mutual
  As a member of the Asian American Association, you are eligible to receive discounted auto and home insurance. For more information and to receive a free, no obligation quote, call 1-800-524-9400 , or click here.

What's new from Liberty Mutual:

Auto and Home Insurance Available from Liberty Mutual
As a member of the Asian American Association, you could receive exclusive savings on your auto and home insurance. (Read more)

Be Fire Smart
6 safety steps to take now! (Read more)

Liberty Mutual Newsletters
More tips and informational newsletters for your auto and home by Liberty Mutual Insurance. (Read more)

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